Adult Programs

Champions of Dalton offers a full assortment of Adult Fitness Programs. First and foremost among these is our exclusive Training for Warriors program.  The TFW system is a physical and mental training program that was originally created for fighters by Martin Rooney more than 10 years ago.  This training regimen utilizes ongoing evaluation and feedback to adapt specific strength and conditioning protocols to best fit a warrior’s needs.  After over a decade of use by many of the top fighters in the world, this program has been expanded to any adult.  You don’t have to be a fighter to use the TFW system, but you do have to be a warrior.
A warrior is defined as anyone that is prepared to work hard and develop oneself in an effort to do battle in the particular challenges in his or her life.  The TFW system was designed to develop the muscular strength and mental fortitude to take on these challenges.  Today, many top athletes in a number of professional sports are using the Training for Warriors program to bring their fitness to another level.
Check out our calendar to sign up for the next 8 week Training for Warriors class and “Join the resistance!”

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