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What We Do

The Champions Test Prep program serves high school students as they prepare to take the SAT and ACT for college admissions. Our professionals work  with students in group settings to help them maximize their potential on test day.
Build confidence. Increase your score.
· SAT/ACT 12 hour Courses
· SAT/ACT  4 hour Boot Camps
Our programs cover all aspects of the SAT/ACT tests, including test-taking strategies, practice problems  and the use of actual  retired tests.  Each student will receive an individualized study plan with additional hours of extra material to use on their own.  

What We Offer

Students have 2 options for preparation prior to testing:
· SAT or ACT12 hour Course: meets 6 times for 2 hours per session.  Each 2 hour session will focus on Critical Reading/English for 1 hour and Math/Science for 1 hour.  The course dates are structured to give the student ample time for out-of- class homework. Cost is $399 including all      materials.  Each student will be supplied with a practice test to be completed before the first session. Pre-registration is required  with a non-refundable $50 deposit.
· SAT or  ACT 4 hour Boot Camp: meets the week    before the test date and gives the student an intensive overview of        strategies and practice problems to expect on the actual test. Cost is $199 including all materials.  Pre registration is required with a non refundable $25 deposit.

Who We Are

Dr. Cindy Wiggins serves as our English/Writing specialist.  She has been employed at Dalton High School since 2002 and her experience includes teaching Grade 9 Literature and Composition, Grade 10 English, Grade 11 American Literature and AP English Language and Composition.  She received a Master’s Degree in Education (2005), as well as a    Doctorate in Education (2010), from Walden University.
Valerie Brown serves as our Math   specialist.  She earned an  Engineering Degree (1991) from the University of Georgia.  Mrs. Brown has taught in various school systems over the past 7 years (Chattooga County, Banks County, Dalton City) and is GACE (Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators) certified in Math.  She has been heavily involved this past year with the Dalton Public Schools teaching their OdysseyWare courses (all subjects).